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I estimate about 30,000 words, the size of a small to medium sized book.


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I’m loving your emails. You’ve found yourself! Great video - I love the wireless chair!
Dickie Armour

Thank you for continued insight. Hope to see you soon
Sam Marshall

You have indeed been known to speak French (dans la cuisine ici par exemple) and you are indeed a copywriter, (I have proof) and now, little did you know, or maybe you did, that you are a provider of warm and fluffy good positive vibes for all of us reading your 50 emails! It is as though you are sitting in an armchair, cuppa in hand, having a best mates kind of conversation. Already looking forward to tomorrows' instalment. Merci!
Rachael Kenyon

Great stuff Mike, love your honesty. I always enjoy your emails. When your name appears in my inbox, I always pause to read your latest offering.
Matt Young

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